Tokyo Personalised

Anyone who has spent any time in Tokyo will know that the possibilities are endless, and with an open mind and spirit of adventure those ‘only-in Japan’ moments can occur. Rather than plan a detailed minute by minute itinerary for our clients, we prefer to find them the perfect guide and let the magic happen.

We have searched long and hard to build our network of guides and can match you with some of the best in the business, who are also experts in art, architecture, history, fashion and food, to name a few.

To give you some ideas, here is a small sample of some of the tours we have arranged in the past:

  • Uncovering Edo Tokyo
  • Tokyo Backstreets
  • High Fashion to Street Fashion
  • Gourmet Tokyo
  • Sake tasting & dining in Kagurazaka
  • Discovering Japanese Tea
  • Exploring ‘Little Edo’ (Kawagoe)
  • Ultimate Ramen dining
  • Cycling Tokyo’s neighbourhoods
  • Tokyo of Yesteryear
  • Tokyo artisans
  • Hiking & private dining at Mt. Takao
  • Urban Retreat in Kamakura
  • Introduction to Kabuki (Buraku, or Noh)


 And whilst this is a far from exhaustive list, these are some of the experiences we can arrange:

  • Learn ninja secrets from one of the last remaining ninja families, who were brought to Tokyo by Tokugawa at the beginning of the Edo period to train his samurai
  • With one of the world’s leading experts on samurai swords, visit a master swordsmith to watch him work in his home forge just outside Tokyo
  • A photo shoot/journal with Tokyo based multi-award winning photographers
  • Enjoy a private tea ceremony, and learn ‘the Way of Tea’ with a 1st degree instructor of the Uransenke School of Chado
  • Watch a morning training session, and witness the strength of the sumo wrestlers up close at a Tokyo stable
  • Experience private cultural workshops: introductions and lessons in tea, ikebana, incense listening &/or calligraphy
  • Indulge with a private sake tasting workshop
  • Have yourself &/or your possessions blessed in a fire festival in a Tokyo temple
  • Dress in kimono for the day
  • Relieve stress with a taiko drumming workshop; although be warned you will want to go back for more
  • Visit the wholesale section of the Toyosu fish market, selecting fish for your personal sushi making workshop & lunch
  • Visit a local supermarket with a chef and learn how to select and prepare Japanese basic and seasonal ingredients
  • Make your own plastic food, so real your family may try to eat it
  • Drive a supercar through the streets of Tokyo – an experience you will never forget!