Welcome! My name is Julia, the founder of Tokyo Personalised.

  I came to Japan more years ago than I care to remember looking for an adventure, speaking not a word of the language. The plan was to stay for one year …

As you will soon discover when you visit, Japan can quickly get under your skin and is so much more than the stereotype images seen in the media. 20 years on and I can honestly say that a week rarely goes by that I don’t see something that makes me stop and stare. In fact just the other day I passed a lovely young lady standing next to one of Tokyo’s busiest crossings offering some ‘quality time – Y2000 (US$20) for 10 mins’ with her owl and hedgehog.

Armed with an insatiable curiosity, a keen eye forthe detail and a passion for new experiences I have hiked, climbed, run, swum, sailed, driven and generally combed the length and breadth of Japan, loving to delve deeply into each new place, and of course sample as much of the incredible and varied cuisine as possible. Being able to now communicate comfortably in Japanese has helped me in my adventures.

My mission is to ensure that any visitor leaves feeling like they have discovered something of the ‘real’ Japan, and for them to want to come back to experience more.

When I am not showing people around this incredible city, I provide consulting services to organisations and regions of Japan focusing on attracting  the luxury inbound travel market.

If you want to know more, please drop me a line julia@tokyopersonalised.com