Our experiences are customised according to the individual needs, interests and requests of each customer, however the itineraries below will give some ideas of what is possible. (The experience can of course be taken exactly as described.)

Clients include private individuals, families, friends and corporate clients, ranging from first time visitors to Japan to locals expats and experienced travelers wanting to learn more about this incredible country.

Tokyo Personalised

These are all day experiences and can be adapted to accommodate and entertain children of all ages.


  • Classic Tokyo – includes private tea ceremony
  • A Snapshot of Tokyo
  • Tokyo Backstreets
  • Uncovering Edo Tokyo – includes private tea ceremony


  • Backstreets Dining Experience
  • Gourmet Tokyo – includes private tea ceremony
  • A Taste of Tokyo
  • Discovering Japanese Tea
  • The Luxury of Japanese Fruit
  • Tsukiji Sushi Sensation


  • The Art of Japanese Gardens
  • High Fashion to Street Fashion private viewings can be arranged depending on request and availability
  • Japanese Design Reborn private viewings can be arranged depending on request and availability
  • The Art of Living private viewings can be arranged depending on request and availability
  • Behind the Scenes Sumo – limited availability determined by Tournament schedule
  • An introduction to Kabuki – availability determined by Tokyo show schedules
  • An Interactive Introduction to Noh
  • Japanese Cultural Experience
  • Yamabushi Experience

Fantastic Trips from Tokyo

A private driver is organized for all one-day outings

  • Exploring “Little Edo” (Kawagoe)
  • Exclusive Sake Brewery Visit
  • Hiking + Private Dining at Mt Takao
  • The Ancient Capital of Kamakura – former capital city of Japan around 13th century
  • Kamakura Mind + Body Experience – unique experience led by 11th generation tea master. Half or full day
  • Kyoto in a day – full day
  • Golf Experiences: playing on member-only, world-class courses. Can be extended to two day, including a Japanese ryokan experience
  • Yamabushi Private Pilgrimage – unavailable in February.  Can be two/three day
  • Japanese Countryside Tour – can be two/three day
  • Introduction to Rural Farming Life – can be two/three day

Cultural, exciting, unique, delicious

  • Capture your trip; 30 min, ½ day, full day photo shoot/journal with Tokyo based multi-award winning photographers – requires early advanced booking
  • Unwind with a private tea ceremony, with instruction, led by a 1st degree instructor of the Urasenke School
  • Experience private cultural workshops: introductions and lessons in tea, ikebana, incense listening &/or calligraphy
  • Indulge with a private sake tasting workshop
  • Attend an early morning meditation session in a 17th century central Tokyo temple
  • Dress in kimono for the day and enjoy the sights of Tokyo
  • Ready yourself for the day with a private training session
  • Visit the Tsukiji early morning tuna auctions [extremely limited availability, and may not be available after Nov 2017, depending on the fate of Tsukiji fish market which is still undecided by Tokyo Metropolitan Government]
  • Immerse yourself at a local sento, bath house (can include an Akasuri, korean scrub, &/or massage)
  • Shop ‘til you drop at Tokyo’s flea markets – availability depends on timing of flea markets around Tokyo

Kyoto Personalised

  • In-depth Discovery of Japanese Tea
  • Artisans of Kyoto – limited availability, determined by artisan’s schedules

Special Interest

  • Tea Tour (May to October 2018)
  • Summer Festival Tour (2018)
  • Yamabushi Training Programme (June to October)
  • Yoga Retreat (April 2018)

To discuss any of these experiences, or create your own unique itinerary, please contact us