Beyond Tokyo

Considering how small the islands of Japan are (roughly 26 times smaller than the US) the diversity of landscapes, history, culture and food that can be found here is quite amazing, and it is a shame that many do not make it past the cities of Tokyo, Kyoto and possibly Hiroshima as there is so much to discover.

Some of our favourite places are:

  • The volcanic landscapes of central Kyushu
  • The natural onsen, hot springs, of the Nyuto valley
  • The primordial forests of Yakushima
  • The remote island of Sado
  • The otherworldly heart of the Shimokita Peninsula, Ozore san
  • The three sacred Dewa Sanzan mountains
  • The remote Shikoku Karst plateau of Kochi
  • The art islands of the Inland Sea
  • The stunning region of Umi no Kyoto known for the longevity of its local population
  • The virgin Shirakami beech forests
  • The picturesque villages of the Kiso Valley

Getting to any of these places can be a challenge, however with the right guides and information, it is always worth the effort.


Once there, as well as the usual cycling, hiking and walking tours that we are able to arrange, we can also arrange some very unique experiences. Such as:

  • A private catamaran tour of the art islands
  • Training with Japan’s ancient Yamabushi priests (think mountain ninja)
  • Paragliding inside one of the world’s largest calderas
  • Foraging for mountain vegetables with the locals
  • Whale watching
  • Swimming with turtles
  • BBQing on the beach with ama (pearl) divers
  • Creating a piece of pottery with one of Japan’s most respected ceramic artists
  • Working with the weavers of Amami Oshima to create your own unique piece


If you would like to discuss any of these tours &/or experiences, please contact us.