Places to stay

One of the best aspects of travel is experiencing fabulous accommodations and Japan offers up a wide range of inspiring options, from remote onsen-ryokan to beautifully renovated villas; 5-star luxury hotels to repurposed castles. While some may be more sumptuous and others more challenging to reach, we have personally vetted every place we recommend to our clients and each has something original and authentic to offer.

Some of our top recommendations are:

  • A farmhouse converted into a luxury villa in rural Nara, run by a successful businessman who moonlights as a Yamabushi priest and arranges all manner of incredible experiences and culinary treats for our guests
  • Glamping on a private island in the Inland Sea, accessible only by private launch, complete with private chef for the perfect beach BBQ
  • A beautiful ryokan in a picturesque village created by artfully combining a number of storehouses into one complex
  • A light and airy boutique hotel that appears to float above the rice fields at the foot of the Dewa Sanzan mountains
  • The unique boathouses of Umi no Kyoto
  • The hidden ‘Royal suite’ in a Kengo Kuma designed hotel in remote Kochi
  • A mountain ryokan lit only by oil lamps in a hidden valley in Tohoku, Japan’s deep north
  • A lovingly restored home on a very remote island way off the coast of Kyushu, which features products gathered from all over Japan to showcase ‘Cool Japan’
  • The incredible private villa in Niseko that boasts not only its own pool, but also a fully stocked wine cellar, movie screening room, DJ bar, outdoor pizza oven, hot spring and private butler/chf/driver
  • A beautifully converted machiya, townhouse, in the heart of Kyoto


If you would like to discuss staying in any of these places, please contact us.