Special Interest

We frequently plan trips focussed on a client’s specific interests, and the Japanese understand this better than most populations in the world. This is a country with more sommeliers than France, where it’s not unusual for an average salaryman to be an advanced martial artist or for a sushi chef to also be a passionate tuba player; the Japanese have great respect for pursuing special interests to great depths.

In the past couple of years, we have planned a trip following in Basho’s footsteps (the Narrow Road to the Deep North) for a Hollywood A-lister, a hidden onsen tour for one of Tokyo’s most venerable families, a gourmet extravaganza for one of America’s top celebrity chefs, a ‘Wood of Japan’ tour for a group of visiting artists and environmentalists, and a holistic mind & body experience for a VIP family, to name just a few of our unique offerings..