Julia of Tokyo Personalised is a life-saver for those having a hard time wading through the nuances of Japanese culture. Her personal insight, insider knowledge and networks around Japan can make organizing a visit to this amazing country that much more enjoyable and hassle-free. It was a pleasure to work with Julia throughout our planning process and her consistent communication put us at ease that all of our concerns would be handled. I’d highly recommend Tokyo Personalised for anyone looking at visiting Japan. Thanks Julia

Erin Lewis, EAT.PRAY.MOVE Yoga


Julia Maeda… is our new adopted-because-we-love-her daughter.  She has lived in Japan for over 20 years, has three kids with her Japanese husband, and we cannot imagine a more informed, intelligent, soulful, funny guide to anything in the hauntingly wonderful city of Tokyo. We barely had the word “kabuki” out of our mouths, when she whisked us away to the historic theatre and arranged for seats.  Then she led us to the Asakusa neighborhood, where her friend Mika Haneishi meticulously folded her red napkin and inducted us into the world of tea ceremonies and Zen. And of course, among other things, we strolled past the love hotels, where there is a special rate for a 90-minute stay.

JUDITH FEIN & PAUL ROSS, travel journalists – USA


“Julia is an exceptional tour guide. She demonstrates her many gifts humbly and professionally and enriched my tour experience beyond all possible expectations. Being fluent in Japanese and English is awe inspiring, but having a deep and respectful appreciation of Japanese culture demonstrates Julia’s real talent. She was able to explain incredibly complex historical facts and concepts in a meaningful and accessible way. One member of our group was fascinated with botany and Julia made it her mission to learn as much as she could about the things asked of her to accommodate that visitor’s interests. All of this was achieved whilst remaining relaxed, totally in control (despite disagreeable weather at times and unforeseen changes to schedules) and in good humour.

Meeting Julia has allowed me to develop a passion for Japan and Japanese culture and I am very grateful for all that she taught and showed me. I couldn’t recommend her enough!”

LEE URSINO – Australia


“Julia was a great tour guide during our time in Tokyo. We wouldn’t have enjoyed this enormous city without some help and are truly grateful we sought out assistance.

Julia guided us to all the fun corners of the city, and diligently took into consideration the travel needs of our young son as we did so. I felt our time was very well spent in Tokyo and we could cross some major travel spots off our list and feel like we got to see some hidden inside secret spots all at the same time. I highly recommend anyone who is consider using Julia as a tour guide in Tokyo to do so. We were thrilled. Thank you, Julia!”



“Julia has incredible knowledge of the hidden cultural gems that can be found on the streets and galleries of Tokyo. She led us to the Nezu Museum followed by a fascinating architectural walk where extraordinary contemporary buildings muscle in  to gain attention from each other. We never would have stopped to consider this amazing architecture had it not been for Julia’s preparation and insights. At the Nezu Museum, as well as showing off the fabulous art collection, she could also tell us about traditional tea ceremonies and with her great generalist knowledge no questions were left unanswered!”

ROSE BALSTON, Art Tours – London & Dubai


“There would be few people who know Tokyo better than Julia. She delights in your excitement as you wander around seeing the famous sights as well as discovering the obscure and quirky personalities of this incredible city.

Once you leave Tokyo Julia’s thorough knowledge of all things Japan coupled with her deep respect of its people, culture and history makes spending time with her fascinating. Her sense of humour and fun makes your time together fly and before you know it your time together is sadly over.

I rarely want to visit the same country twice and now I can’t wait to get back a third time so I can absorb more of this country’s greatness from Julia. I couldn’t recommend someone more highly than Julia.”

CARALYNN DEE – Australia


“Julia Maeda is thorough. The notes she sent me before walking with her in the unknown mountains of Japan let me know what to wear, what to anticipate and what to not worry about at all. When me met there was an immediate sense of trust and shared purpose.

You feel less like you are on a tour and more like you are sharing time with a favourite gifted young teacher or a friend who just happens to understand history/culture/food and all sorts of ways to communicate in Japanese! Within the intricacies of customs and the magic of the moment Julia shines through with good sense, emotional intelligence, a curious eye, tact and a sense of fun. Being with someone who loves Japan will make you love it too!”

ANNA JOHNSON, writer & painter – Australia