So you have done your research and drawn up a list of all the truly amazing places you want to visit and things you want to experiences whilst you are in Japan but how do you put it all together to ensure your visit is cohesive, seamless and that you do not waste a moment? And what about all those hidden gems that would give you a truly authentic, ‘living-like-a local’ experience that can’t be found in a guide book?

Japan is an endlessly fascinating country stretching from the tropical islands of Okinawa to the remote vastness of Hokkaido and for many a trip to Japan is considered a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience, however this country can also be incredibly overwhelming, even for those of us who call it home.

My Phone Consultation Service is the perfect tool to ensuring that your visit to Japan is the trip of a lifetime that you hope it will be.

An average consultation lasts one hour. During this time we will go through every aspect of your trip from finding the perfect restaurants and accommodation to arranging day trips and offering shopping tips, to detailing the most time-efficient way to ensure you will see and do everything you want.

Following our consultation I will email you a summary of our conversation, including links to any restaurants, sights, services or accommodation providers that I have recommended.

For further information and details on this service please contact me:

Of course if you have done no planning whatsoever I can also help you, simply drop me a line to discuss.